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Join in and make your town or village a healthier place!

Traffic and air pollution
Did you know that more than 5,000,000 people die every year world wide as a result of poor air quality? The biggest culprit is particulate matter, mainly caused by traffic, energy and industry. But CO and NOx are also dangerous polluters. Particularly in urban areas, air quality is often poor due to heavy traffic.

Especially in city traffic (stop and go) the engine does not come up to operating temperature, this in combination with the offered fuel quality, ensures poor combustion. This results in a high dose, inter alia, resulting in a non-functioning or poorly functioning catalytic converters for both diesel and petrol vehicles (regardless of year of manufacture). With XMILE in your tank you prevent this kind of problems and you can actively do something against this air pollution.

The air quality in on our planet  is worrying. Despite numerous measures, air pollution causes a great deal of damage to the health of people and the environment. Fortunately, we can do something about that together. By refueling your car with our Xmile enriched fuels. This is possible at more than 300 filling stations throughout Europe. Here the XMILE enzyme technology is offered as an optional product: XMILE diesel and XMILE Euro 95/98.


Do you want to refuel your city or village? Then contact us. In collaboration with politics, brand-independent service stations and civil society organizations, we also put the Drive your city Clean campaign on the map in your municipality. And we are happy to help you with clear communication tools, the website and social media.